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What about German Shepherd?

1- This is a breed of dog that ranges in size from middle to large.

2- They are also known by a globally known surname – Alsatian.

3- They were developed in Germany.

4 – It is one of America’s most famous dog breeds.

5- It is quite intelligent as well as very agile. So you can also use it as a working dog.

6- These herding dogs belong to the group.

7- Their average weight ranges from 35 kg to 45 kg.

8- Their height from the sole to the shoulder is 50 to 65 cm.

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9 – Their normal lifespan ranges from 10 to 15 years.

10- The German Shepherd is also known by many other names worldwide. Including Alsatian wolf dog (UK), Berger Allemand, Deutscher Schäferhund (Germany). Apart from this, he also has many surnames like Alsatian, DSH, GSD, Shepherd, Schäferhund.

11 – They are considered to be one of the 10 famous dog breeds in the world and possibly it is a breed that has gained global recognition.

12 – Canine royalty GSD stands first, some of the main reasons for standing in the ranks are his loyalty, investigative nature, courage, tremendous ability to learn command for many tasks, and defensive nature.

German Shepherd Dog Breed

German Shepherd image credit -Getty image


German Shepherd – Health and Common Disease

1- Generally a dog is a healthy breed.

2- But like other breeds, they may have some hereditary diseases which are as follows-

● Hip dysplasia:

Hip dysplasia is a genetic disease in which the femur joint does not fit into the pelvic socket of the hip joint. In this disease, some dogs start limping with one or both hind legs. After which there is a possibility of developing arthritis as well.

Gastric Dilatation-Volvulus:

This disease in dogs is also commonly called bloat. This can happen when the dogs eat a large quantity of food and drink water immediately thereafter. The disease also affects large, deep-chested dogs such as GSD and Golden Retrievers. In this, the dogs are not able to vomit due to which the blood pressure increases and there is a problem in breathing.

Elbow Dysplasia

Allergies: GSD may also have different types of allergies. From contact allergies to food allergies. Allergy symptoms in dogs are similar in people. If your GSD is scratching, licking their claws or rubbing their face too much, suspect they are allergic and have them examined by your vet.

FAQs about Hip Dysplasia in German Shepherd

Q 1- What age do German shepherds get hip dysplasia?

Diseases such as hip dysplasia may also begin to develop in puppies as young as five months old. In many cases, these dogs may begin in their mid-life or even later years.

How to treat Hip Dysplasia of your German Shepherd?

● To reduce stress from the hips first, the weight of the dogs should be reduced.

● Exercise should be avoided in places where there is no good cushion.

German Shepherd should be given a combined supplement.

● They should support physical therapy.

● The use of anti-inflammatory drugs should be avoided. (Eg – Corticosteroids)

FAQs About German Shepherd Dog Breed

Question 1 – How much does German shepherd cost in India?
What is the price of a German Shepherd puppy in India?
How much is a German shepherd?

Answer – It is a tremendous breed of dog, it is also famous all over the world. Usually, a German Shepherd Puppy can cost from 800 to 2000 dollars in USD, depending on their breeding quality and many other things. The average price of a GSD can be up to $ 500 if we talk about their average price. But friends if you are an Indian and want a German Shepherd puppy in India, then they can cost from ₹ 18,000 to ₹ 25,000 in India.

Question 2 – How many children does a German Shepherd female give at one time?

Answer – The normal GSD breed can give up to 6-8 children at a time. But this number may also change slightly. This can happen when more number of eggs have formed and all of them have fertilized at the same time inside this breed.

Question 3 – Which is the most dangerous dog?

Answer – GSD is named among the top 5 dangerous dogs in the world. The list is as follows –

1- Pit Bull – Pitbull species are the most dangerous and aggressive breed.

2- Rottweiler

3- German Shepherd

4- Doberman Pinscher

5- Bullmastiff

Question 4- Who is no 1 dog in world?

Answer- Friends, if we talk about the number one dog in the world, then German Shepherd comes at number three in this list according to Wikipedia. Whereas in this category Labrador Retriever at number one, Yorkshire Terrier at number two, German Shepherd at number three and number four Golden Retriever.

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Question 5 – Is a boy or girl GSD better?

Answer – If you are getting confused in Mail or Female German Shepherd, then let us tell you that on the basis of research, Female GSD is paid much bigger because it is believed that it is quieter intelligent than destroyed male German Shepherd. Male GSD may be a bit irritable and herding tendency while being able to create synergy.

Question 6- Will a German shepherd protect you?

Answer – It specializes in this when it comes to defensive tendencies. A GSD always has a very protective attitude towards his boss and family. It can undoubtedly protect its owner. It is said that it can stake his life to save another’s life.

Question 7 – Can a Pitbull kill a German shepherd?

Answer – Pitbull is a very dangerous and aggressive dog. The GSD is weaker in this case. When a pit bull attacks the German Shepherd, it is unable to react equally. Therefore, there is a doubt in the context of a GSD protecting you from Pitbull.

Question 8- Can 2 male German shepherds live together?

Answer– Yes, there is no doubt that the two Mel German Shepherds cannot live together in a friendly manner. They can stay the same. You can even keep both of them in the same place in the same house. They can treat you well enough.

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