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Lab Dog or Silver Labrador Specialty: Labrador retriever Breed Information



Silver Labrador is a special type of dog which is seen almost in silver color. Let me tell you all, this dog is also known as Lab Dog.

This dog is another breed of Labrador Retriever. These types dogs named Silver Lab because it has a silver coat color.

Their coat ranges from silver-gray to blue, making them distinct from other species of the lab breed.

Like other laboratories, the Silver Lab is also noted for its loyalty, activism, ingenuity, and obedience.

These types of dogs especially use in-game and hunting. In addition, they are intelligent, loving, and energetic enough.

It has proved its utility and versatility in modern working dogs, everywhere in the field, in dog shows, as a fisherman’s companion.

But one of his roles remains constant, that of a wonderful partner and friend. The silver Labrador breed has received worldwide acclaim as a loyal assistant for people with disabilities.

Also, if properly trained, they can prove to be a tremendous help for the blind and autistic. This breed is also very famous in the game and hunting world.

Lab Dog or Silver Labrador Specialty: Labrador retriever Breed Information - Dogkiduniya

Lab Dog or Silver Labrador

These types of dog breed play an important role in police work, search, rescue work, and military work. Now in this article today, we know about other properties and prices of Silver Lab.

How much does a silver lab puppy cost?

This variety of dogs, known as the Silver Lab, is more valuable. Its price cannot be estimated. Silver lab puppy cost average price is between $ 1000 to $ 15,000.

The biggest thing is that the number of such dogs in the whole family is very less, due to which it is very expensive.

However, people love the Silver Labrador breed. Because its behavior resembles silver, it is also user friendly.

Is Silver Lab good for Indians?

Silver Labrador dogs are very trained. Silver Labrador dogs that fit very well in a country like India. This breed has a high tolerance to hot or cold.

Talking about India, the climate here is very favorable and seasonal, due to which most animals living in many parts of the world are also unable to live here.

Silver Lab Dog Health –

If the Silver Labrador is not bred properly, there is a risk of congenital health problems like other breeds such as hip dysplasia or elbow dysplasia.

You are adopting a silver lab puppy, so you should notice something. You should do is to find out which genetic disease is common in dogs of that particular breed.

These can sometimes cause problems such as congenital spinal cord diseases along with other diseases like lupus.

It is generally a healthy breed. Their ears should be examined weekly to prevent infection and the teeth should be brushed frequently and special attention should be paid to grooming them.

Like other species, they may also have mostly vision problems (red eye, epiphora, conjunctivitis, and cataract) that are extremely common.

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