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Labrador retriever puppy: The first domesticated dog in the history of human civilization has been the dog. Since ancient times, it has remained faithful to man. Although it was not so popular in the old times. But in modern times, keeping a dog has become a reflection of man’s richness. We are talking about Labrador retriever puppy full details.

Apart from this, they also help humans in many important works and play excellent roles, that is why their demand has increased. Although their breeds have changed considerably over time, their demand has not decreased.

Labrador retriever puppy for sale
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In the old times, the Maharaja also used to breed different breed dogs. Even Queen Elizabeth of England used to have a favorite dog of hers, which was of the Pembroke Welsh corgis breed. They help humans in many activities such as jogging, walking, exercise, family protection, as sentinels, especially for blind people, fishermen, hunters, etc.


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So friends, if you are also a dog lover and want to have a good breed dog who is obedient, intelligent, agile, active, playful, family lover and affectionate, then, of course, your search for ‘Labrador Retriever’ or ‘Lab’ But it ends Because this breed is available as an accurate and clear answer to your every question.

There are many reasons why we are saying this, which we will discuss further in the post. At the same time, we will also throw light on their exact price and other properties.

At the moment it is the most important thing that whatever breed of dog you breed, act according to you, work on your gestures, that means it should be obedient to you. He should follow your guidelines and not his own, which the labrador retriever does perfectly well. So let’s start …

Why it’s called ‘Labrador Retriever’?

Labrador retrievers are made up of two words – Labrador + Retriever. In which the word retriever means ‘retrieving’, that is, when the hunter injured the birds during hunting, these dogs used to find them and press them in their jaws and bring them to them. But his grip and mouth are so soft that he could not even touch.

That is why it was given the title of Retriever. The color of the labs is mainly black, chocolate or yellow. They are also called Black Lab, Chocolate Lab, or Yellow Lab respectively.

They are also known as ‘Gun Dog’ or ‘Bird’s Dog’ because in ancient times this breed was used by fishermen to catch fish. Apart from this, they also helped during hunting and shooting or retrieving sparrows.

Is Labrador Retriever puppy good for Indians?

Labrador retriever puppy are very trained and loyal dogs that fit very accurately in a country like India. This breed has a high tolerance towards hot or cold. Because of this, they are easily tolerant of every season. Talk about India, the climate here is very favorable and seasonal, due to which most of the animals which are unable to earn a living in many parts of the world also live well here.

Labrador Retriever puppies – Short Info

Weight & Height

Labrador retriever puppies have a normal weight of 30 to 35 kg (65 to 75 lb) and female to 24 to 30 kg (about 55 to 66 lb). The height of the male Labrador retriever is 56 to 58 cm. (22 to 23 inches) and that of females is 54 to 57 cm. (about 19 to 22 inches).

Color & Life Span

Labrador retriever puppies have a straight or wavy coat of almost white color, when compared to the general appearance of puppies. Their normal lifespan ranges from 12 to 14 years.

Hair Pattern & Coat

This breed has two coats ranging from black, chocolate, light yellow to almost white. The upper coat is straight or curved, which acts as a water repellent. This is why they can swim easily in water. While undercoats are soft and keep them warm in winter and cool in summer. The coat is heavier around the neck, especially in men. But all dogs have a predominantly black nose.

Litter size

Their litter size is 4 to 9 puppies.

Labrador retriever puppies for sale


What is the Labrador retriever price in India?

The average price of a Labrador retriever puppy ranges from USD 400 to $ 1200. Their price also depends on their breeding quality. However, their price may vary depending on their breeder’s reputation, coat color, pedigree, and location. While its average price in India can range from ₹ 15,000 to ₹ 50,000.

1- Labrador retriever Puppy price in India (Basic): ₹ 15,000 to ₹ 20,000

2- Labrador retriever puppy price in India (KCI registered): ₹ 20,000 to ₹ 30,000

3- Labrador retriever Puppy price in India (Show Quality): above ₹ 30,000

Why Labrador Retriever is an Ideal dog breed?

Because it is a very gentle and calm-natured breed that is 100 percent capable of working as per the guidelines of its owner but still must provide primary training to take advantage of their overall efficiency.

Like every dog, the Labrador retriever puppy also needs early socialization so that when it transforms from a puppy into an adult dog it can act exactly on your gestures and create a great rapport with those around you Could.

He is also an excellent watchman and very loyal to families. They don’t bark much, but if a stranger enters their area they will bark.

Their average height varies from 22 to 23 inches. They weigh from 55 to 65 pounds. Golden is known for his outstanding intelligence, agility, investigative nature, field training, police work, herding, watchdogs, and total dedication to his boss.

Can you use Labrador retriever puppies as a working dog?

Of course, you can use it as a working dog. Due to its intelligence and skilled training, it can be selected by the people as a base working dog. They are also called kids lovers because they are very affectionate towards children.

It is one of the widely used breeds. Their IQ label is also quite tremendous. They are also natural athletes and also do well in dog sports such as agility and competitive obedience.

Reasons behind choosing Labrador retriever puppies?

● Labrador retriever is very easy to train.

● They are very soft and calm.

● They are very intelligent and training seal so it is very easy to show them anything.

● These dogs can efficiently alert their owners in case of any intruders or outsiders.

● Their tolerance is very good for both cold and hot climates.

● They are very obedient and affectionate.

● They connect with the people around them very quickly.

Why not choose Labrador retriever?

● They require a lot of exercise daily to stay fit and healthy. So if you are less energetic or are very busy due to which you are not able to pay attention to their exercise daily then this breed is not good for you.

● They cannot be recommended for the life of the apartment as they prefer open spaces like a yard and garden. Overall they require a lot of space. If you have so much space in your apartment that it can exercise comfortably, then it will be enough for them.

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