Are Tibetan Mastiffs legal in the US?

Tibetan Mastiffs are generally legal to own in the United States, but there are several important points to consider:

No Federal Restrictions: There are no federal laws in the United States that specifically regulate or ban Tibetan Mastiffs.

State Laws Vary: The legality of owning Tibetan Mastiffs can vary from state to state and even within different local jurisdictions.

Local Ordinances: In addition to state laws, many cities and counties have their own ordinances and regulations regarding dog ownership.

Insurance Considerations: Some homeowners' insurance policies may have breed restrictions, including Tibetan Mastiffs.

Liability Concerns: Due to their size and potential for guarding instincts, Tibetan Mastiffs may be subject to stricter liability rules if they were involved in an incident or attack.

Breeder and Rescue Regulations: Regulations may also apply to those who breed or rescue Tibetan Mastiffs.

Size and Space: Tibetan Mastiffs are large and powerful dogs that require ample space and a secure, fenced area to ensure their safety and the safety of others.

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