Best dog for single Girl in an Apartment

Cavaliers are small, affectionate, and adaptable dogs that enjoy indoor activities and are content with moderate exercise.


French Bulldog: A compact and low-energy breed, they make great apartment companions due to their affectionate and easygoing nature.


Boston Terriers are small, friendly, and relatively low-maintenance, making them excellent choices for apartment living.


Shih Tzu: A small and affectionate breed that doesn't require much outdoor space and enjoys being around their owner.


Pugs are well-suited to apartment life, as long as they get some moderate exercise.


Chihuahuas are well-suited to apartment living and only require minimal exercise.


Maltese: These tiny dogs are well-behaved and adaptable, making them suitable for living in small spaces.


Cockapoo is small, affectionate, and usually content with indoor play and short walks.


Dachshund: Though they have moderate energy levels, Dachshunds can do well in apartments, particularly with daily walks and playtime.


When choosing a dog for a single girl living in an apartment, it's essential to consider a breed that adapts well to a smaller living space

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