Top Most Big clumsy dog breeds 2023


Newfoundlands are known for their swimming abilities and may be a bit clumsy on land

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Bullmastiffs are a powerful breed, they are known for their calm temperament and make great guard dogs.

Saint Bernards are massive dogs that may be a bit clumsy due to their size. They are great family pets

English Bulldogs are a lovable breed that has a laid-back personality, they can sometimes lead to clumsy moments

Great Dane: As one of the tallest dog breeds, Great Danes can be a little awkward and clumsy,

Irish Wolfhounds can be a bit awkward in their movements. They are gentle giants, friendly towards people

Known for their exceptional tracking abilities, Bloodhounds can be a little clumsy due to their long ears and droopy skin

Basset Hounds may appear a bit clumsy, but they are affectionate and easygoing dogs with a keen sense of smell

Bernese Mountain Dog: This sturdy and large breed may occasionally exhibit clumsiness, but they are gentle

Leonbergers are prone to clumsiness due to their size and exuberance, but they are devoted and gentle companions.

The Whippet is a medium-sized sighthound breed known for its sleek, athletic build and incredible speed.

Keep in mind these breeds may have a reputation for being a little clumsy, Additionally, training and socialization play a significant role.

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