Dog breeds that need the least exercise 2023

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel: These dogs are friendly and affectionate, enjoying moderate exercise and play.

Shiba Inu: Shiba Inus are a small to medium-sized breed that doesn't require excessive exercise.

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Greyhounds are actually quite low-energy dogs. They have short bursts of energy but are generally content with lounging.

Chow Chow: Chow Chows have a more independent personality and are content with moderate exercise.

French Bulldogs are compact and don't require intense exercise. They enjoy short walks and interactive play.

Pugs are known for their playful and friendly nature. While they enjoy play sessions, they are not overly active and can do well with moderate exercise.

Shih Tzus are small, fluffy dogs that don't require a lot of exercise. Short walks and indoor playtime should suffice for this breed.

Chihuahuas are a small toy breed known for their tiny size and big personalities. They are generally considered to be a low-exercise breed

Bulldogs are characterized by their calm and gentle demeanor. They have a stocky build that doesn't lend itself well to vigorous exercise.

Basset Hounds are known for their short legs and relatively laid-back nature. They enjoy short walks but are not extremely active.

Additionally, all dogs need mental stimulation and social interaction, so even low-energy breeds require some degree of activity and engagement.

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