How To Know If Your Pet Is Anxious?

Anxiety manifests in a different way in pets than in humans. So it is very important to take care of their mental health

In general, according to research, dogs are much more sensitive than humans to loud noises and wind.

Some special symptoms through which serious anxiety in dogs cannot be recognized -

⦿Urinating or defecating ⦿Damaging doorways ⦿Barking or howling ⦿Snapping or biting

Signs that your pet is anxious -

⦿ Panting without heat ⦿ Yawning repeatedly even in a state of rest ⦿ Lack of appetite on time ⦿ put your ears back ⦿ Visibility of the white part of their eyes. ⦿ Raising the front paw of your foot repeatedly.

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