Madera Ranchos Offers $1,000 for Return of Missing Dog Bella

According to the latest reports, Bella is a pitbull dog who was missing from Madera Ranchos since 3/20/2023.

The family has promised $1000 to anyone who brings him back safe and sound.

As per the latest report filed by the family, the dog's breed has been described as Pitbull, color - tan Pit with green eyes 👀.

The family has released flyers, posters door-to-door in their area for their lost pitbull.

It has been told by the Egure family that for them their lost dog Bella is like an important member of the family.

The loss of their white and tan furry is sad, so they will make every possible effort to get it, the report of its receipt can be registered on the number of the issued poster.

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