Top Dog Breeds That Kill Snakes 2023

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A little white fluffy dog could be a Norfolk Terrier, known for their small size, fluffy coat, and lively personality. These terriers are charming and make great companions


Rat Terrier: Known for their hunting abilities, Rat Terriers have been used on farms to control vermin, including snakes. 2.


Jack Russell Terrier: These energetic and fearless dogs are skilled at hunting small animals, including snakes.


Miniature Schnauzer: This breed's sharp senses and alert nature make them capable of detecting and dealing with snakes in their environment.


Australian Terrier: These small but courageous dogs have been reported to confront snakes fearlessly and protect their territory.


Chihuahua: While not a breed primarily associated with snake killing, their curious and fearless nature could lead them to approach and potentially challenge snakes.


Miniature Pinscher: Known for their confidence and energy, Miniature Pinschers might confront smaller snakes.


Dachshund: Their tenacious nature and digging abilities have sometimes led Dachshunds to encounter and handle snakes.


Cairn Terriers have been known to confront snakes when necessary.


West Highland White Terriers are strong prey drive and confront snakes in certain situations.


Border Terriers have been known to take on snakes and other small game.


Fox Terriers are skilled hunters with a strong instinct to chase and catch small animals, including snakes.


What is the best dog to keep snakes away?

The best dog breeds for snake deterrence are typically terriers, such as the Rat Terrier or Jack Russell Terrier, known for their alertness, agility, and hunting instincts, which can help keep snakes away from your property.

It's important to note that each dog's behavior can vary, and not all dogs of these breeds will necessarily confront or kill snakes

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