Top Most Dog Breeds With The Highest Bite Force


The Belgian Malinois is highly intelligent and agile. Its bite force is estimated to be around 195 to 250 psi.


The Akita Inu is a powerful and loyal Japanese dog breed. It possesses a strong jaw capable of exerting significant pressure,

Pit Bull terriers are often misunderstood due to their history of dog fighting. However, they have a strong bite Force.


German Shepherds are highly versatile and intelligent working dogs. They have a strong bite and are used in various roles


Rottweilers are strong, intelligent, and protective dogs. They have a powerful bite


English Mastiff is a massive and powerful breed with a gentle temperament. Despite their calm nature, they possess a considerable bite force.


The Cane Corso, an Italian breed, is renowned for its strength, agility, and loyalty. They have a robust bite force


The American Bulldog is a muscular and sturdy breed, historically used for farm work and guarding


The Dogo Argentino is a large and muscular breed developed in Argentina for big-game hunting. They have a strong bite and a high prey drive.


Bull Terriers, can have a powerful bite. On average, their bite force ranges from 235 to 250 PSI


The force of a Staffordshire Bull Terrier's bite can vary depending on the individual dog and the situation. On average, their bite force ranges from 230 to 300 PSI


The Kangal is a large and powerful breed originally from Turkey, and it is often used to guard livestock. It is known to have a formidable bite force.


Only Bite force should not be the sole factor in selecting a dog breed. Temperament, exercise requirements, and compatibility are also crucial considerations when choosing a dog. 

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