Top United States hunting dog breeds 2023

These are just a few examples of hunting dog breeds that have originated in the United States or gained popularity there due to their hunting abilities.


Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever: This breed is known for its unique hunting style where it "tolls" or lures waterfowl within range of the hunter.


American Eskimo Dog: While not primarily a hunting breed, some Eskimo Dogs have been used for small game hunting due to their agility and alertness. 


Pointer: They are known for their ability to locate the game and then stand still ("pointing") to indicate the bird's location to the hunter.


American Brittany: They have a compact size and are known for their agility and enthusiastic nature.


German Shorthaired Pointer: Although originally from Germany, this breed is extensively used for hunting in the United States.


English Setter has become popular in the United States as a bird dog. They have a graceful appearance and are skilled at locating and pointing upland game birds.


American Water Spaniel: They are known for their intelligence, endurance, and ability to work in various terrains.


Coonhound dogs are skilled in tracking and treeing raccoons and other small game.


Labs are extremely popular in the United States as versatile hunting dogs. They have excellent swimming abilities


American Foxhound: Bred for hunting foxes, this breed has a keen sense of smell and exceptional stamina.

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